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Online Courses

what are the shaolin temple yunnan online courses?

teaching at any time, any place

The Shaolin Temple Yunnan Online Learning Platform includes e-courses taught to students over the Internet in an ONLINE LEARNING environment. They are self-paced and allow for greater flexibility in completing the material. Students access the material online and interact with the masters via Facebook inner circle for feedback on practice, extra learning material and Q&A using #ASKSHIFU.

why learn online?

easily accessible on much smaller budgets

  • Flexible and Self-Paced Learning in Your Own Environment
  • Improved Time Management
  • Demonstrated Self-Motivation
  • Improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration
  • Gain A Global Perspective
  • Develop Critical-thinking Skills
  • Acquire New Skills


Online Courses

shaolin quan learning path

from beginner to mastery level

level 1 shaolin kung fu

shaolin quan basics skills

shaolin wu bu quan

shaolin lian huan quan

Shaolin Quan 1 duan

Online Courses

wing chun quan learning path

from beginner to mastery level

level 1 wing chun quan

Wing Chun basics skills

wing chun xiao nian tou

wing chun 1 duan

Online Courses

wellness learning path

from beginner to mastery level

Meihua Quan, Health & Juventology

Shaolin Ancient Techniques for Head & Neck

chen style taiji quan 8 steps for health

Shi er duan jin qigong for health and longevity