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Shaolin Head & Neck Course

Having strong neck muscles & optimal brain function is reflected in the quality of breathing, posture, & mental performance.

what are you doing for your head& neck health right now?

imagine feeling relaxed (without neck tension) & a clear and focused mind.

You feel happy, empowered, aesthetically beautiful, mentally focused, and have greath physical power and stamina, like a true leader of your trade.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most people are not happy and not healthy. Most people want to feel relaxed, with a youthful body, with a clear and focused mind, but very few will ever do anything about it. You get confused, scared, and really stuck. Your health and life dreams slowly fade away, and you accept that you will probably never find your real-life health and youth again.

why head & neck?

Shaolin Head & Neck Course

exercise is your prescription to health

In our days, too many people take for granted the existence of their head and neck, although they are of vital importance. Due to the activities we do (sitting at the desk, driving, using the mobile phone or computer), the posture gets altered. When we keep a healthy posture, the head weight is around 5.5kg, but when we bend the neck to look down at the mobile screen, reading a book or driving, the head pressure is about 14kg. The pain and stillness can affect your sleep and head mobility.

When you exercise, you lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and some types of cancers. Moving enables you to feel better, have improved self-esteem, be aesthetically beautiful, be happier, and live a healthier and longer life.

The person is a whole concept, a world in miniature.

Each part of our body is a miniature of our entire body. To understand your body is to understand each section of the body, how it functions, the energy called Qi, and the connection to the body parts either mechanically or energetically. The health of your head and neck is a miniature health of your overall body.

what is the yin & yang kung fu of head & neck health?

Yin and Yang means balance. If you do some neck flexions, extension rotations, and stretching, you are covering only the Yang (external) aspect of the training. However, to be healthy, you need also to train the Yin (internal) aspect. How do you do that? By introducing Qigong in your practice along with the external training. You have blood and Qi flow towards your brain through the neck, so you have to make sure you clear those passages of blockages so you can have greater focus and mental clarity. If the Qi stagnates in the cervical area, you could have raised blood pressure, forming Dowager’s hump or Kyphosis. 

Martial artists can achieve internal emotional balance through the proficiency of the skill. You can also achieve this balance through an ongoing accumulation of knowledge and an open mind and heart. The experience enhances the insight so one can see the real nature of the world around it.

When a person is open-minded and mentally relaxed, the flow of Qi is very smooth. The mental balance will, therefore, help the body’s normal function and digestive system. Understanding the principle of starting from slow to quick, when to be slow and when to be quick will help you achieve the perfect coordination of the mind, body, and natural breathing.

Martial arts is a way of life, and you can practice while walking, sitting, living, lying down, or even sleeping.

The breathing technique includes breathing, body posture, and thought. All these 3 aspects are equally important. The body, mind, and breathing must all be relaxed and natural, in alignment with the spirit, combined with health care and exercise, movement, and stillness. The breathing technique of Qigong aims to nourish the heart while seeking mental liberation.

Due to the comprehensive movements, easiness of learning them and the health care effect is easily practiced until old age.

Every success story to come from the SHAOLIN TEMPLE, big or small, has relied on thE formula G.A.S., Grit, Action, Support! Your success story will be too.

Grit is the foundation; in other words, perseverance, dedication, determination, diligence, the strength of character, and courage.Every person's journey is different, but you will never succeed without grit.

Action is how you bring your skills to life! It's how you get the work done. Through action steps, you move your life and health forward massively.

Support means having access to world-class teachers, authentic knowledge, and resources to keep you from wasting precious time. Support helps you overcome all the obstacles and dark corners you'll encounter along the way.
Remember, time waits for no man!

authentic knowledge & expertise, honesty, transparency & care about the achievement of our students

We built the Head & Neck Online course because we saw too many people having major issues with the cervical spine and brain fog. They just couldn't put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

We built it because we saw many people lost in so-called authentic learning and knowledge for health improvement without real health benefits.

We also built it because we were tired of the noise and smoke of all the overpriced, hyped-up, and ineffective courses and programs out there. They are taking advantage of people who didn't know whom to trust.

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head & neck holistic traditional movement AT JUST $47

What you will find in the Shaolin temple yunnan head & neck holistic traditional movement Online course

In-depth video courses taught by Shifu Shi Yanjun, an expert you can trust.

Inside the Online Course, you’ll find high-quality video instruction from Shifu Shi Yanjun and experts on Head & Neck warm up and stretching, Posture, Shaolin Ancient self- massage head Kung Fu, Energy Medicine, Face Mapping, Teeth Health Preservation, Qigong and Iron Finger Practice, Qigong Breathing Techniques (6 types of breathing), Qigong for Spine Health Preservation, Qigong for Hypertension Release. 

Each module includes an Assignment for you to practice at home. 

At the end of the course, you will receive an Assignment plan for one month to help you implement the techniques learned into your busy schedule. 

You will receive formal Certification* (*Certification section). 

Our instructors include Shifu Shi Yanjun and disciple Shi Yanbo (Dr. Rhea Du)

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what students will receive

detailed curriculum

module 1: head & neck movement. posture

Video 1 learning topics: Head & Neck Movement Introduction

  • The problems with having a weak and non-flexible neck
  • The benefits of having a healthy neck and clear head
  • The solution for living a life without neck and head pain
  • Neck movement exercise explanation and practice exercise

Video 2 learning topics: Head & Neck Movement Practice

  • Neck movement exercises explanation and practice
  • Assignment

Video 3 learning topics: Body Posture 

  • What does posture mean?
  • The problems with bad posture
  • How can I check my posture?
  • What is Baihui acupoint?
  • The importance of head and spine alignment
  • What is good posture? 
  • How can I improve my posture through Martial Arts
  • 4 Martial Arts stances to practice (Shaolin Kung Fu, Meihua Quan, and Wing Chun)
  • Body Relaxation
  • Assignment

Video 4 learning topics: Energy Medicine & Face Mapping 

  • Energy medicine
  • Face Mapping (forehead, temples, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, chin, neck)
  • A word from Shifu 

Video 5 learning topics: Shaolin Ancient Self Massage

  • Head Kung Fu exercises
  • Eyes Kung Fu exercises
  • Face Kung Fu exercises
  • Ears Kung Fu exercises 
  • Cheekbones Kung Fu exercises 
  • Assignment

Video 6 learning topics: Teeth Health Preservation

  • Teeth in western and Chinese Traditional Medicine approach
  • Teeth & Qi
  • Teeth and body Meridian Connection
  • Teeth exercise
  • Gum and mouth exercise
  • Assignment

Module 2: Head & Neck body connection through Qigong

Video 1 learning topics: Qigong Introduction

  • Qigong – The general practice of Qigong and advice
  • Qi
  • Dantian
  • Qigong Breathing (six types of breathing) instruction 
  • Assignment

Video 2 learning topics:  Iron Finger for Health Preservation

  • Fingers and brain connection through Qigong
    • Demonstration
    • Explanation of movements
  • Health Benefits
  • Practice
  • Assignment

Video 3 learning topics: Qigong for Health Preservation and Spine Activating

  • Spine activating Qigong through head movement
    • Demonstration
    • Explanation of movements
    • Health Benefits
    • Practice
  • Assignment

Video 4 learning topics: Qigong for Health Preservation, Brain & Heart Qigong

  • Heart and brain Qigong through the heels
    • Demonstration
    • Explanation of movements
    • Health Benefits
    • Practice
  • Assignment

Video 5 learning topics: Qigong for Health Preservation: Hypertension Release

  • High blood pressure release through head Qigong
    • Demonstration
    • Explanation of movements
    • Health Benefits
    • Practice
  • Assignment

final assessment

outstanding certification

*On completing successfully the course, you can receive formal certification. All the certifications are digital versions that you can print at home. 

certificate of completion

When you complete the course you will receive a formal Certificate of Completion from the International Shaolin Wushu Federation. This certification is worldwide recognized as an expert body in Martial Arts. This certification is included in the course fee. 

certificate of achievement

When you complete the course you can achieve a formal Certificate of Achievement from the Shaolin Temple Yunnan and International Shaolin Wushu Federation. To receive this certification you are required to submit a video sample of a routine you perform from the course. 

activate access to shaolin temple head & neck holistic traditional movement online course

certificate of completion

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$ 47
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  • Certificate of Completion
  • One Time Payment - Unlimited Access

certificate of achievement

One time payment
$ 97
  • Unlimited Online Access 24/7
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • One Time Payment - Unlimited Access

common questions

We get asked these a lot.

This class is ideal for everyone.  From complete beginner to advanced practitioner, for the person who if performs well the routines can achieve certification to be able to teach this particular module; for the person that has failed to get up from a comfortable couch over and over because it is old, fat, uncoordinated and embarrassed to exercise.  For the person who cannot find the motivation to work alone or the person who gets bored quickly because exercise is not fun and the entrepreneur that’s burning the candle at both. The corporate executive who lives from the hotel room into a hotel room. The friend that can never commit to going out because it is tired at the end of the day. The guy that always buys something with the thought will do the trick, canceling, and post pointing. The mom or dad finds excuses for not finding the time in a busy schedule as a full-time parent. So, let’s FIND THE TIME! Human adults need to get their sh*t together to live a free life where they have control over the only thing which belongs to them: their own body.

Well, this class is not suitable for the person who is looking to learn advanced Kung Fu in 2 weeks and get certified as a teacher. The friend who has its mind about what is best as exercise, the one that is looking for fighting. For this type of class, you can join our other courses, such as Shaolin Warrior Skills: The Kung Fu of breathing, The Kung Fu of Foot Work, The Kung Fu Secrets of the Shaolin Warrior Monks Lifestyle and many more.

Yep. We think the best contract is no contract. You can cancel your course at any time. However, cancellation does not mean a refund. 

are you ready to improve your health the shaolin traditional way?

*Online Courses are non-refundable & non-transferable.