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Secrets of the Legendary shaolin stances

Stance training is the most powerful, advanced & complete Internal Skill (neigong)

Why training stances is so important?

Stance training is the most powerful neigong

Neigong 内功 is the most advanced and complete of the internal practices of Chinese Martial Arts and serves to condition the physical body and the energy system. It provides the foundation for the direct work of consciousness.

Stance practice focuses on controlling your breath, and mental activity, regulating the balance of your internal environment, regulating Qi and blood, developing the body essence (Jing) and mental clarity (Shen) and enhancing your physical function. In addition, stances practice has an impact on digestive disorders. The thoracic-diaphragm only moves 1 to 2 cm when you breathe. Reverse abdominal breathing increases thoracic diaphragm movement to 4–5 cm, leading to improved digestion and absorption, aids in gastrointestinal peristalsis, and impacts gastrointestinal illnesses.

External energy can build your muscles and bones and help the joints and ligaments achieve functional alignment.  It helps to achieve a proper posture and improve flexibility and mobility.

After extensive training, you can develop the proper habits and morals of diligence, bravery, tenacity, open-mindedness, studiousness, enterprising, and producing lovely enjoyment.

Are you ready to fully transform your body in the upcoming 30 days?

Greetings, dear friend. It’s time to give yourself a thorough, extended look in the mirror.

Do you appear strong and energised or tense and stressed out?

Which do you prefer, being fierce or being average? Every choice you make has an impact on who you become. 

Will you behave like a lovely lad by remaining seated and just looking? Society wants you to comply and do what “normal” is. Don’t bring up any concerns or inquiries. Take pleasure in what you have. 

How long can you remain silent while feeling remorse, shame, and overwhelmed?

The embarrassment of breaking fitness and health promises to loved ones and yourself. 

The humiliation of how you allowed yourself to become flabby and overweight instead of being as shredded and rock-hard as a Shaolin warrior monk you would like to be.

Bewilderment results from a lack of guidance on how to change. If you try a new diet or workout regimen every other week before giving up and starting something else, you may suffer from the overabundance of shiny object syndrome.

That is not the Life you should be living.

When did you stop caring and give up?

You used to care a lot back then. You took great pride in how you appeared, behaved, and carried yourself. You promised yourself that you would never succumb to temptation. You wanted to keep working hard. You were a men’s man. There was no denying it.

You were supposed to be the one to inspire others because of your ideal mix of discipline, physical health, education, and good looks. You would succeed in achieving your goals as your Shaolin warrior hero.

The desire to be a warrior was deep within you—a contemporary Shaolin warrior with a chiselled figure, vigour, strength, and will to match—someone who is always prepared to face any difficulties.

But then Life started to happen. You at first fought. However, it ultimately became insufferable. You began to cave in and made a bow. You carried out society’s instructions—acceptance of the average.  You got tricked by the group hypnosis. Soon after, you resembled everyone else.

You have a choice at this very moment

You decide to live out the rest of your life with that agony. 

Recognise that you are not your past and that you have the power to change at any time. The decision you make in the current moment is all that matters. Strength is in proximity. Stand up and take back your power by behaving like a man.

Choose between committing to a routine that will enable you to perform at a level that most males could never dream and looking, feeling, and acting like a Shaolin warrior… or spending the rest of your days in the prison you created for yourself. Time is still available for atonement… You need some help getting there.

If you need more discipline and focus, a stronger, more wholesome physique, harsher mentality, the Shaolin warrior monks should be your immediate friends. People who motivate you encourage you to perform at a higher level and show how much more you are capable. To put a higher ceiling on your self-limiting thoughts.

Transformation doesn’t take place in a lonely place. Nobody is successful on their own.

A top mastery level Shifu and a Digital Temple are here for you! If you were connected, it would be ideal.

It would be best to get mentored to help you break free from the chains of your vices, addictions, and procrastination to lead a life driven by purpose and passion. To assist you in taming your inner sass and putting an end to the negative self-talk in your head.

To do it, though…

Make the transformation you want

Leg issues are unquestionably an indication of a general loss in health and can be an early indicator of ageing. Even for sportsmen and dancers, difficulties and deterioration can occur at a young age.

Your legs sustain weight as you get out of bed every morning, and they do so for the whole day until you go to bed. No other body part experiences the same level of constant, long-term physical stress.

Your legs have a direct impact on your health.

The legs age long before you do.

authentic knowledge & expertise, honesty, transparency & care about the achievement of my students

I built the Secrets of the Legendary Shaolin Stances Online course because I saw too many people having significant issues with leg mobility and flexibility, and body stability and balance. They just couldn't put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I built it because I saw many people lost in so-called authentic learning and knowledge for health improvement without real health benefits.

I also built it because I was tired of the noise and smoke of all the overpriced, hyped-up, ineffective courses and programs. They are taking advantage of you, my friend, who doesn't know whom to trust.

Join the Digital Shaolin Temple Yunnan "Secrets of the Legendary Shaolin Stances" Online at Just $27

What you will find in the Shaolin Temple Secrets of the Legendary Shaolin Stances

In-depth video courses taught by Shifu Shi Yanjun, an expert you can trust.

Inside the Online Course, you’ll find high-quality video instruction from Shifu Shi Yanjun and experts on Stances (Ma Bu, Gong Bu, Xie Bu, Pu Bu, Xu Bu), Qigong breathing for Health, and Stands training for improving leg strength.  

The modules include assignments for you to practice at home. 

At the end of the course, you will receive an Assignment including several variations on how to practice the Shaolin Stances for fast improvement. 

Our instructors include Shifu Shi Yanjun and disciples Shi Yanbo (Dr Rhea Du) and Shi Hengyi (Lukasz Duszak)

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Legendary Shaolin Stances Learning Path

Module 1: Qigong Breathing for Health

Breathing introduction


Dantian Breathing benefits


Hu Breathing

Hu breathing theory

Hu breathing practical


Hunyuan Stand

Siping Stand

Concentration of Mind


Module 2: The Legendary Shaolin Stances

shaolin stances introduction

Ma Bu (horse stance)

What is Ma Bu?

Why do we do Ma Bu?

Health Benefits of Ma Bu practice

How to practice correctly a standard traditional Ma Bu

Breathing during Ma Bu

How to improve your Ma Bu time

Precautions to avoid injury and bad practice

Assignment & Challenge Ma Bu

Gong bu (bow stance)

What is Gong Bu?

Why do we do Gong Bu?

Health Benefits of Gong Bu practice

How to practice correctly a standard traditional Gong Bu

Breathing during Gong Bu

How to improve your Gong Bu time

Precautions to avoid injury and bad practice

Assignment & Challenge Gong Bu

pu bu (crouching stance)

What is Pu Bu?

Why do we do Pu Bu?

Health Benefits of Pu Bu practice

How to practice correctly a standard traditional Pu Bu

Breathing during Pu Bu

How to improve your Pu Bu time

Precautions to avoid injury and bad practice

Assignment & Challenge Pu Bu

xie bu (resting stance)

What is Xie Bu?

Why do we do Xie Bu?

Health Benefits of Xie Bu practice

How to practice correctly a standard traditional Xie Bu

Breathing during Xie Bu

How to improve your Xie Bu time

Precautions to avoid injury and bad practice

Assignment & Challenge Xie Bu

xu bu (empty stance)

What is Xu Bu?

Why do we do Xu Bu?

Health Benefits of Xu Bu practice

How to practice correctly a standard traditional Xu Bu

Breathing during Xu Bu

How to improve your Xu Bu time

Precautions to avoid injury and bad practice

Improving Xu Bu stance by performing pistol squats

Assignment & Challenge Xu Bu


Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupoints

Baihui, Huiyin, Ming Men, Shen Shu and Yong Quan Acupoints.

Shifu Shi Yanjun Spiritual Lifestyle

1-Month Challenge Workout Plan

1-Month detailed workout plan and specially designed sequence to train and develop complete body awareness through endurance training to achieve coordination, balance, mobility relaxation, concentration, and resilience to fatigue. The plan also includes a Special Challenge Workout

In addition, you will receive two bonus videos Wu Bu Quan (demo – slow and fast with power), the fist form of Shaolin Kung Fu. This is the next step in the Shaolin Warrior learning path. 



I AM VERY HAPPY about this course. As I wanted to make progress in my kung fu, these skills were what I needed. Everything was explained perfectly, not only practical but a lot of theoretical information by an experienced Master. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to know more about Shaolin Quan.



It was hard for me – not it isn’t. This course can raise your skills if followed by proper practice. It has been an excellent investment for my health. 



I AM AMAZED by the quantity and quality of knowledge contained in this course. I highly recommend it.


One time payment

$ 27
  • Unlimited Online Access 24/7
  • Full Access Upfront
  • One Time Payment - Unlimited Access
  • 1-Month Challenge Workbook
  • Bonus Acupoints
  • Access to the Digital Temple Community

Who is this course not for?

The friend who has their mind about what is best as exercise, the one that is looking for fighting. This course is unsuitable for someone looking to learn advanced Kung Fu in 2 weeks and get certified as a teacher.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for everyone. From complete beginner to advanced practitioner, for the person that has failed to get up from a comfortable couch over and over because he/she is old, fat, uncoordinated and embarrassed to exercise. For the person who cannot find the motivation to work alone or gets bored quickly because exercise is not fun, and for the entrepreneur burning the candle at both. The corporate executive who lives from the hotel room into a hotel room. The friend that can never commit to going out because he/she is tired at the end of the day. The guy that always buys something with the thought will do the trick, cancelling and post-pointing. The mom or dad finds excuses for not finding the time in a busy schedule as a full-time parent. So, let’s FIND THE TIME! Human adults need to get their life and priorities together to live a free life where they have control over the only thing that belongs to them: their bodies.

Join Now and Discover The Secrets Of The Legendary Shaolin Stances!

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