And how to use the 1545 -year-old secret of this Yin and Yang Warrior Rite to “reconnect” your legs, breath and nervous system to the energetic pathways of the earth like the roots of a tree…

… So that you can absorb unlimited QI, forge a fit “warrior body” and find a deep sense of peace that can only be called…


[Translated from Chinese by Shi Hengyi, disciple of Shifu Shi Yanjun, 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior and head coach at the Shaolin Temple Poland.]

Dear future Shaolin Warrior,

Although you are not with me at The Shaolin Temple in China (yet), we are connected to the same “hidden” source of energy like the roots of a tree.

And in just 1 minute from now…

I will show you how you can use the 1545-year old secret of a Yin and Yang Warrior Rite from The Shaolin Temple to “plug” your legs and breath into the energetic pathways of the Earth to:

        – Forge a vital, youthful and fit body that you can look at in the mirror with a broad smile of pride… and feel more powerful than ever as you overflow with energy throughout the whole day (even with only 10 minutes a day of using this Yin & Yang warrior rite to “plug in!”)

        – Balance the body, mind & spirit to find “Heaven on Earth” and a sense of indescribable peace and bliss… when you use the ancient “Dantian breathing method” to channel the released QI throughout your bloodstream…

        – And radiate a chilling sense of calm and confidence after absorbing the sacred “presence” of the Shaolin Temple… by becoming one of the last legendary Shaolin Warriors walking the earth.

But, if you’re like most foreigners who have visited me in The Shaolin Temple for the past 15 years…

And you’ve been thrown into an unearthly, corporate lifestyle far away from nature…

Then the results of this powerful (yet simple) Warrior Rite must sound unbelievable to you.

You simply have no idea of what your body, mind and spirit are naturally capable of when they are connected to the circle of QI.

You probably spend most of your day sitting in a lifeless office…

… slowly getting all your energy sucked out of you, until you look and feel like a “dead man walking” who needs 6 coffees a day just to keep your eyes open.

And when you look in the mirror, you don’t see a Warrior…

… instead, you see a flabby, overweight, empty shell of a person, with eyes full of fear and regret for your wasted potential.

But after I’ve lived in the Shaolin Temple for 30 years (since the age of 11), and become the Headmaster of the Shaolin Warrior Monks…



And you can achieve this transformation from the comfort of your own home, with nothing but your phone and an internet connection…

… no matter your experience level, age, physical limitations or availability.

But why am I so sure that Yin and Yang training can turn anyone (as long as they are serious) into a true, QI-filled Shaolin Warrior?

Very soon, I’ll reveal the secret to how this 1545 year old Warrior Rite can help you tap into the vitalizing, bottomless well of QI where you can be reborn into a true Warrior…

But first, you’re probably wondering who I am… so let me quickly introduce myself.

Shaolin Warrior Path

Hi, my name is Shifu Shi Yanjun and I am the current headmaster of the Shaolin Warrior Monks at the Shaolin Temple Yunnan in China.

I was sent to the Shaolin Temple at the age of 11, as I was always getting into fights with kids who called me “chubby.” (I was known as “chubby fighter” in the streets of Du Jia Cuan, my home village.”)

From that point onward I lived, breathed and ate Martial Arts (literally, I even used to eat in a Ma Bu stance.)

I became a certified Shaolin Kung Fu Master at the age of 17, and I continued to train to the point where many consider me the most highly achieved Shaolin Master alive.

I’ve trained in Kung Fu for over 35 years… I’m the only monk alive who has received the 7 Duanwei grading from the Chinese Wushu Association (the most important body of certification for Kung Fu in the world)… I’ve received the 8 Duanwei certification from the Shaolin Wushu Association in China (you will not find anyone else online who has even surpassed 5 Duanwei)… become First President of the Meihua Quan Federation… Vice-President of the International Wushu Federation… received the first class certification for Qigong and health prolonging methods…

become the Headmaster of the Warrior Monks at The Shaolin Temple Yunnan… and much more.

I’ve forged most of the legendary Shaolin Warriors who walk the earth today…

… and I’ve been training foreigners for over 15 years, since we opened The Shaolin Temple to the whole world.

This has enabled me to refine our original Yin & Yang training to be adaptable to any body type, age and nationality… allowing anyone (who’s serious) to tap into the circle of QI that forges vibrant, fit and confident Shaolin Warriors.

However, although I was glad to welcome foreigners into The Temple, I was utterly shocked when I first met them…

Because inside most of the foreigners who visited us, I observed a deadly “disconnect” from the circle of QI

One that caused them to be stiff, lethargic and quietly depressed…

And which zapped their energy to the point where they stopped training and ended up unfit, flabby and overweight.

Even if they exercised, the common western training style was terribly unbalanced, and often caused more harm than good to their body (like western weight lifting, strength training or boxing, for example… they only put pressure on the body, but don’t release any of its tension, which keeps your “QI channels” blocked as well.)

These lifeless foreigners were on a path to self-destruction and illness before they visited The Shaolin Temple…

But, by engaging in our original Yin & Yang training to reconnect to the circle of QI from which we are all made (starting with this 10-minute Warrior Rite), our foreign disciples rapidly began to experience a new, higher state of being that they had never felt before…

… While forging a lean, strong and flexible “Warrior Body” that made them unrecognizable to their friends and family.

In fact, my disciples said this themselves in the personal letters they sent me (and for your inspiration, I have received their permission to share this with you):

"My experience surpassed any expectations I had. I'm a 38 old man, having had a quite sedentary life, I decided to change that by realizing the old Shaolin dream. The most fantastic part of this experience was that every morning I felt like a new man. Maybe because of the good sleep, maybe the balanced food and even the high energy of the temple… but whatever it was, it helped me push forward and awaken my chi.” - Andre Curri
“I think I am the fittest I've been in years in just 3 weeks!” - Kristina Kennedy
"When I came to China I was obese and 41 years old. No chance I will accomplish my Kung Fu dream, many of my friends told me! But today, I do splits and I’m very flexible, I have participated in Competitions for Tai Chi Quan and won first place twice (competing with Chinese as well) — but mostly I am in great shape! Shifu’s teachings help me always be at my BEST. I am very grateful for this amazing journey in China." - Andreea McCurry

I have many more of these heartwarming messages, which I attached to the bottom of this page.

And personally, at 41 years old, Yin and Yang training keeps me pain-free, with high energy levels throughout the whole day, a high fitness level and a calm, strong mind.

But, I was not always living this close to Nirvana (the place of enlightenment)…

On the contrary…

My previous lifestyle nearly killed me…

You see, in my youth I was also training in Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), one of the hardest and most brutal martial arts on earth…

And on my journey to become a champion…

I was in a deadly close match that was pushing me to my ultimate limits…

… and in the last round, I was hit so hard that my jaw broke… and I got knocked out cold in front of all my friends and my whole family.

I woke up in a daze at the hospital…

My jaw was hurting so bad, it felt like my face was being ripped apart.

I lay in the hospital bed in agony for 30 days… feeling angry yet helpless to do anything to change my situation… replaying the fight in my mind over and over.

Until one day, one of my Masters from the Shaolin Temple came to see me. And he warned me:

“This is the beginning of a lifetime of pain if you do not train intelligently.”

I threw my hands up in despair and cried out:

“And how could I train intelligently?”

He looked at me dead in the eye, unfazed by my scream of desperation, and calmly said:

“Heal now. When you are well, come to my temple in the morning, and I will show you the health and longevity secrets of Yin and Yang training.”

And, when I had healed from my injury, I ran to his temple immediately. In fact, I did so every single morning for the next 3 years…

… whether there was a winter storm or it was blazing hot outside… to learn the health and longevity secrets of Yin and Yang training.

This form of training emphasizes balance in everything to connect your body, spirit and soul to the circle of unlimited QI.

Unlimited Qi is an enlightened state where being energized, confident and calm is natural and effortless…

… but most westerners never experience it because of their unbalanced lifestyle and training!

You see, If you overload the body with pure Yang (force) training like western weight lifting, then you will become stiff, you will injure yourself, and you will not experience an overflow of QI… because you will not have done the Yin (flow) training required to release the tension and energy blockages within your body.

On the other hand:

If you only engage in Yin training like Yoga, then you will become lethargic, weak and slow, to the point where if a ball were thrown softly at you, it would hit you and you might even fall over.


…. Westerners are not taught how to use their breath to channel QI throughout their body during exercise…

(They’re not even taught how to use their breath at all — the very spirit that carries life-force throughout their blood, muscles and whole body… and they wonder why their energy is so low!!)

… and if you do not balance Internal QI (Yin) with External QI (Yang), then you will also become unbalanced and quickly burn yourself out.

But when you achieve the balance of Yin and Yang during training…

It’s like plugging your body into an electric field that charges you with unlimited energy!

And what’s more, you only need to be “plugged in” for 10 minutes a day to

  • Keep a consistent flow of QI throughout the day…
  • Achieve a fit, flexible and athletic body…
  • And a calm, confident mind that makes you feel invincible in everything you do!

In the words of some of my online Apprentices:

“With the help of The Temple, I have managed to get into the BEST shape of my life. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I’m still continuing to get even more fit… but more importantly, I am much happier and much healthier. The Temple has given me a new, profound way of thinking about the world and I could not be more thankful for it.” – Brian

Brian Johnston 1

“Since joining The Shaolin Temple Yunnan, I have far more energy every day, and I have learned to work with my body rather than against it, which has helped me achieve a more sustainable high level of physical fitness than I have ever managed with any other sport or fitness program. I’ve also become more grounded in the now, and I feel a deeper, stronger connection with the world and people around me.” – Meghan

Meghan Goodbrand

“Thanks to the Shaolin Temple Yunnan I’ve gotten into good shape, and I get to enter into another state of mind while I practice and perfect my forms. I feel grateful walking through a path of discipline, joy, and happiness.” – Sergio

Sergio Canizares

This balanced, ancient training method is what has allowed my disciples and I to become Shaolin Warriors of unlimited QI…

And to stay free from disease and pain long into old age.

Even better…

You don’t have to do an entire 10-minute session all at once. You can do 1 minute here, 1 minute there… and also…


And once you’ve entered the gates of The Shaolin Temple and “absorbed” this Yin and Yang training…

You’ll be able to live and breathe Kung Fu in everything that you do, like a true Shaolin Warrior!

You’ll be able to eat in a “Ma Bu” (horse) stance, strengthening your legs and core…

You’ll be able to work at the desk in a “Bow & Arrow” stance…

And you can easily get up and practice the moves in this Warrior Rite while watching your favorite TV show…

instantly connecting your body to the source of unlimited QI… while forging you into a fit, flexible and energized Kung Fu Warrior at the same time.


Frankly, I can rest in the positions of this Warrior Rite for hours, since it just feels so relaxing, energizing and natural…

NOTE from Shi Hengyi: in the picture above, Shifu Shi Yanjun is holding a ball of QI in his hands.

But, you can turn it into one hell of a challenge if you want to…



If that sounds daunting… Well, it is.

This isn’t just a collection of stretches like a Yoga class…

There’s a reason why this Yin and Yang Warrior Rite allows you to stay in shape with just 10 minutes a day of practice… while most people have to spend hours in the gym.

But don’t worry, the video I’ve shot for you inside The Shaolin Temple (revealing the entire Warrior Rite step-by-step) allows you to go comfortably at your own pace…

And you’ll get instructions on injury prevention before every new move you learn…

Allowing you to increase your fitness, flexibility and Kung Fu ferocity with this Warrior Rite, even if you have physical limitations like a bad knee, for example.

Like my Apprentice Meghan said:


“Within the first month of signing up, I sprained my ankle quite badly while running along a nearby trail. At first, I had a hard time swallowing my frustration, immediately believing I’d be set back, but that turned out not to be the case. I could still stretch, practice internal exercises, and even still accomplish some of the stances as long as I reinforced my ankle in a safe position. I quickly realized that there was more than enough for me to focus on, safely, even though I had limited mobility and rotation. The Apprenticeship is balanced and flexible, promoting growth externally and internally at the same pace.”


Don’t underestimate the longevity & health-enhancing power of Yin and Yang training. Not only have my students seen amazing results…

But also, at the age of 41, I am still training with full ferocity… striking with hands as fast as shooting stars… moving with a waist as supple as a snake, and feet as agile as a praying mantis.

I live a life full of energy, confidence and calm, free from disease and free from any great suffering…

And in The Shaolin Temple, this is to be expected. Here, it is normal to live past 100 years.

That is the reason why we opened The Shaolin Temple to the whole world!

You see, as Buddhist monks, we believe that all sentient beings deserve liberation from suffering…

That you deserve to get rid of the modern illness that blocks your energy, pulls you into deep depression and makes you too tired to take care of your body!

And, we also opened The Shaolin Temple because we are devoted to building on the legendary Shaolin legacy of Shaolin…

… through creating outstanding disciples who can carry the name forward all over the world!

So… if you are serious about becoming a QI-filled, fit and flexible Shaolin Warrior with unshakable confidence…

Then I want you to help me save the Shaolin Legacy before it’s destroyed for good… by becoming a legendary Shaolin Warrior yourself!

You see, even though many outsiders use the “Shaolin” name for marketing after visiting us Chinese for a month or two…

The Shaolin Temple Yunnan Online is the ONLY digital platform that is endorsed and certified by the official Shaolin Temple in China.

Our temple is a branch of the Shaolin Henan Temple, which is the birthplace of Kung Fu (and it is often called the birthplace of all Martial Arts.)

None of the other Temples carry our true, ancient legacy…

And frankly, most “masters” teach a watered-down, modernized version of Shaolin Kung Fu that is a stain on our honorable legacy.

Now, not everyone cares about staying true to thousands of years of tradition… and that’s fine.

They don’t know about the secrets of Yin and Yang training which has been carefully passed on through countless generations, and they might just be looking for a fun workout.

But, for the serious and dedicated few who want to become one of the last Shaolin Warriors alive today…



China is closed indefinitely, so this is currently the ONLY way to enter The Shaolin Temple)…

And soon you’ll feel like you’re there with me “in person”… except you can train from the comfort of your own home!

Inside these videos, I’ve broken down step-by-step how to perform the positions & practices of this 10 minute Yin and Yang Warrior Rite… and you can go through the videos at your own pace, on your phone or on your laptop.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re getting:

  • The simple secret to activating every cell in your whole body and mind (making you feel more energized and alive than ever) by using the breath to carry an abundance of QI through your bloodstream.
  • How to perform the Ma Bu stance to forge a lean, strong and “unshakable” body that can’t be thrown off balance (you’ll confidently stand your ground in any situation!)
  • A scientifically proven way to boost your Yang energy (to achieve greater virility, assertiveness and energy.)
  • How to integrate a health and confidence-boosting posture through practicing the Hunyuan stance (this is a crucial aspect to achieving a smooth circulation of blood and QI. If you have a bad posture, you’re blocking your natural flow of energy and you’ll end up feeling tired and weak… even depressed!)
  • 4 ancient proverbs of Shaolin Wisdom to reach your “inner temple” of peace and calm.
  • How to master the “Dantian breathing method” to balance internal QI and external QI while training… allowing you to feel a whole new level of energy, calm and personal power that you’ve never experienced before.
  • How to use Shaolin stance training to decrease the risk of injury and illness.
  • How to use the legendary “Bow & Arrow stance” to put your body in a prime combat position to strike (it’s like loading up your whole body in the quiver of a bow… then releasing it to charge yourself at your opponent in full force!)
  • Forget all those complicated chiropractor acrobatics… Here’s how to heal back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and stiffness by standing completely still… in a position so simple that you’ll look like you’re just standing around.
  • A safe form of training that allows Shaolin Warrior Monks over 80 years old to train intensely and hard… because there is no impact and zero risk of injury.

And there’s much more… but let’s take a short break to hit on an important point:


I bring this up because many of my foreign disciples came to me overweight, lethargic and too ashamed to walk without a shirt (even in the blazing sun, when their clothes were dripping with sweat.)

But, this Warrior Rite helps you effectively dissolve the stress that:

  • Might be making you seek relief in food…
  • And which makes it harder for the body to remove waste, because of all the stress hormones gathered inside blocking the natural flow of QI.

Plus, this training helps you effectively burn off the fat that covers your “inner warrior” — without hours of long winded cardio training.

Instead, this Warrior Rite fills you with Yang energy, which is proven to be one of the biggest “lean maker” in the human body!

NOTE from Shi Hengyi: you may know “Yang energy” better as testosterone. This energy helps you strengthen your muscles, and it has been discovered by science that your muscle is the “engine” that burns fat in your body.

And that’s not all… you’ll also discover treasured Shaolin secrets like:

  • A deeply calming “mind control technique” that can help you unlock the fearless, unbreakable and always confident mind of a Warrior Monk.
  • How to use the Pubu stance to strengthen your joints, ankles and tendons… giving you a flexible body that feels young and almost “immune” to injury!
  • How to unlock lightning-fast kicks with the “cat stance.”
  • How to perform the “Mabu” stance anywhere at any time to improve your fitness, energy and balance… while eating, working at a desk, or whenever you feel like it.

And many more millennia-old secrets only taught inside the Shaolin Temple Yunnan…

… which I can’t name here to “outsiders.

Look, right now there are 2 possible paths ahead of you:

You can either try to figure out how to tap into unlimited QI to become a fit, confident and powerful Shaolin Warrior all by yourself…

But it will likely be a long and painstaking search for answers…

….  as you pour hours into unbalanced training routines that leave you feeling tired, stiff and “panged up”…

Relying on a poisonous amount of coffee to maintain a consistent flow of energy throughout your day…

And relying on festive alcohol consumption to get relief from the stress that weighs on your mind and “sticks” to your joints and acupoints.

On this path, you’ll likely end up fighting an “uphill battle” with your body, and you will most likely never figure out how to fill it with the healing QI that it desperately needs.

But you also have another option…

You can enter the gates to The Shaolin Temple right now… and receive step-by-step guidance to perform this simple Yin and Yang Warrior Rite to “plug in” to the circle of QI…

Giving you a consistent flow of high energy throughout the day, a deep sense of peace and confidence (by being connected to your deepest nature), and a strong “Warrior body” in only 10 minutes a day.

Now, I understand you might have some questions about the cost.

But at The Shaolin Temple, we are not really all that worried about money. In fact, to come and train with us for a month costs around $1000.

But, that amount barely covers the expenses of our students (accommodation, food, training and so on.)

Our goal here is not to make money, it is to build on the legendary legacy of Shaolin, and that is what I devote my time, money and entire life to.

That’s why you can get the 10 min Yin and Yang Warrior Rite today — a highly exclusive training found nowhere else — for a very affordable price.

… You get it for less than the cost of a good meal at a nice restaurant. Less than a pair of shoes.

There is only an “entry fee” of $27 to make sure that every single disciple who enters our gates is serious about becoming a true Shaolin Warrior.

That’s also why we don’t offer a money back guarantee. You’re either dedicated to embodying our honorable legacy, or you’re not.

Either way, this is an exclusive training video from the official Shaolin Temple, which has created world-class warriors for over 1500 years… so there is no doubt that our Yin and Yang training works.

But will you work?

If you’re truly serious about becoming one of the last legendary Shaolin Warriors alive today… and achieving a jaw-dropping level of skill, energy and confidence that is only attainable through dedication…

Then enter the gates to The Shaolin Temple Yunnan right now and begin your journey as my disciple.


You also get a special “crash course” in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, allowing you to heal many ailments all by yourself.

Inside of the Shaolin Temple’s “Healing center,” we’ve combined the ancient tradition of Chinese Medicine with the biggest breakthroughs of modern science, and this is one of our secrets to living a long, healthy and pain-free life.

You’ll discover how you can potentially cure stiffness, depression, fatigue, headaches, back pain, dizziness, numbness, weakness, impotence, insomnia, pain and more… all by simply pressing 5 different acupoints located on your body (in a special way.)


Once you balance internal QI (breath) with external QI in training to achieve the balance of Yin and Yang…

Your body will overflow with energy and surge with power… and your mind will become calm, relaxed and peaceful.

Imagine a wave of vitalizing, uplifting energy rushing through your body, from your feet to your face, giving you a warm smile that makes you feel like you’ve achieved “heaven on earth.”

In the Shaolin Temple it is said, “Heaven is a big circle of QI, man is a small circle of QI.”

When you achieve the balance of Yin and Yang (internal and external, hard and soft, light and heavy)… you will experience for the first time what unlimited QI feels like.

It is hard to explain here… You must experience it for yourself.

Most modern people never do…

They are actually never taught how to use their breath at all — the very spirit that carries life-force throughout their blood, muscles and whole body… and they wonder why their energy is so low!

But now that you’re the wiser…

Enter the gates of the Shaolin Temple right now and discover the astonishing experience of Yin and Yang training.

P.S. Here is what people are saying about the experience of The Shaolin Temple Yunnan:

"In 11 months at this academy I learned way more than I was expected. My Kung Fu of course improved a lot but I also learn about the culture of China and of Kung Fu, the spirituality, the discipline and a lot about myself..."
"I found Shifu Shi Yan Jun to be an encyclopaedia of Shaolin Kung Fu, a mild mannered, patient and understanding man with immense skills in all aspects of Martial Arts training and a great Philosopher and Teacher..."
"Shifu Shi Yan Jun is incredible, he not only teaches you the true teachings of a Shaolin, it is much more, you have direct contact with him to answer any questions or problems that may arise, he gives you personalized advice. "
"The combination of meditation, tai chi, Qigong, and kung fu was just what I needed. The group was encouraging and so helpful that it made we want to press on and do more. The jewel of the place is definitely Sifu Shi Yan Jun."
"My experience was transformational and everything. Best trip ever!!! Shifu Shi Yanjun is one of the best highly skilled instructors and martial artists I have ever met throughout my nearly two decades of training."
"Shifu Yanjun and Shifu Yanbo received me with open arms, and I felt welcome and at home right away. As my life at the school started to evolve, I realized that the school was not like anything, I have ever imagined."
"I felt really happy in the Temple. I could write a long letter to say about Shifus. First: THANK YOU SHIFU SHI YANJUN! I think I cannot grab in words what you taught me from my life from you... not only about the Kung Fu"
"The training was a lot of fun. I really liked performing fundamentals, drilling in the same techniques until we got them perfect. Shifu would often yell compliments during training and even sometimes jump into training to get our energy pumping."