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The routine of lian huan quan

Shaolin Forms teach us to maximise the connection between body and mind. Once you master forms, you master yourself.  

what is a Shaolin form or a routine?

A Shaolin form comprises different basic stances (Ma Bu, Gong Bu, Pu Bu, Xie Bu & Xu Bu), footwork patterns (on a straight line), blocking movements, evasive actions, striking and kicking techniques. They represent the real fighting experience of the masters.

Why learn forms? What is the benefit for the body?

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are holistic systems that have the following goals: Body training (anaerobic endurance, physical intensity, strenght, flexibility, balance & dexterity); Body & Mind awareness; Movement & position; Fighting techniques (advance, retreat, defend, counter-attack, jumping & dodging). 

forms are patterns of movements combined together which when practiced many times, they ingrain into muscle memory.

The forms are at the core of Martial Arts born from as traditional ways to survive life-threatening situations. 

The outcomes of forms practice include muscle memory through blocks and strikes, mind focus on tasks, precision in execution, body power, breathing control, and flow of Qi. In addition, they are a great tool for practicing moving meditation

Why training forms is so important?

Improving physical fitness and self-defense can make people physically and mentally exercised. The practice has proved that external energy can benefit joints, strengthen muscles, bones, and physique.
Internal energy management, channel meridians, spiritual adjustment, and martial arts exercises pay attention to regulating the breath, mental activities, controlling inner environment balance, regulating Qi and blood, and improving body function
Physical fitness helps one overcome the negative evasion barrier when encountering strong hands and exercise bravery, fearlessness, and tenacity during a fight. 
After long-term training, people can cultivate the right habits and morals of hard work, courage, tenacity, open-mindedness, studiousness, enterprising, and creating a beautiful enjoyment.

The goal of a form practice is to preserve and pass on to future generations a traditional skill.

Why Is Training Lian Huan Quan (连环拳) Form So Important?

Lian Huan Quan Routine (Chinese: 连环拳; pinyin: lián huán quán), translated as Chain Fist Boxing Routine, is the second traditional routine in the Shaolin Temple Yunnan Curriculum Path Level 1, after the routine of Wu Bu Quan. 

It is also known under Shaolin Ba Bu Lian Huan Quan or Shaolin Eight Step Interlink QuanThe next step is 1st Duanwei routine.

Although Lian Huan Quan is a beginner’s form, it is the perfect form for Kung Fu demonstrations and live shows. The routine consists of two sections, executed with eight steps, seven methods of fists, three methods of palms, four methods of the leg, two methods of catching and hold, one defensive posture, one ready posture, and two repeat postures. This routine is short, quick, with clear attacking and defending and special change methods. It has twenty-two changes in eight steps.

The Shaolin Temple Yunnan Curriculum Path

The Shaolin Kung Fu Levels Of Development Are Based On The Duanwei System (Professional Grading), Not On The Belt System

level 1 routines

1. Wu Bu Quan (The Five Stances Routine)

2. Lian Huan Quan  (Chain Fist Boxing Routine)

3. 1st Duanwei Routine & Duilian (Duilian means two people fighting)

level 1 examination

1st Duanwei Routine & Duilian (Duilian means two people fighting)

The 1st duanwei examination is organized by
Shaolin temple Yunnan & international Shaolin wushu federation.

F.O.R.M.S. can be seen as an acronym

F. stands for FIGHT. The sequence of moves in a form has practical applications in combat. Shifu will teach applications of the move sequence, but you will discover new applications the longer you practice.

O. stands for ORDER. A form is a set sequence performed is a set order.

R. stands for REPETITION. A form requires perseverance in practice. The more you repeat the moves, the more they become part of yourself. They will be ingrained into your muscle memory.

M. stands for MEMORY. When you practice a form you will engage not only your muscle memory but also your mind. Therefore, the forms practice will train your body and mind, helping to re-establish the connection between the body and mind.

S. stands for SKILL. The more repetitions for your form, the higher your Martial arts skill.

Every success story to come from the Shaolin temple, big or small, has relied on thE formula G.A.S., Grit, Action, Support! Your success story will be too.

Grit is the foundation; in other words, perseverance, dedication, determination, diligence, the strength of character, and courage.Every person's journey is different, but you will never succeed without grit.

Action is how you bring your skills to life! It's how you get the work done. Through action steps, you move your life and health forward massively.

Support means having access to world-class teachers, authentic knowledge, and resources to keep you from wasting precious time. Support helps you overcome all the obstacles and dark corners you'll encounter along the way.
Remember, time waits for no man!

authentic knowledge & expertise, honesty, transparency & care about the achievement of our students

We built the Shaolin Lian Huan Quan Routine Online course because we saw too many people having major issues with body coordination and proper routines practice.

We built it because we saw many people lost in so-called authentic learning and knowledge for Martial Arts Basic skills and traditional forms.

We also built it because we were tired of the noise and smoke of all the overpriced, hyped-up, and ineffective courses and programs out there. They are taking advantage of people who didn't know whom to trust.

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Inside the Online Course, you’ll find high-quality video instruction from Shifu Shi Yanjun and experts on the traditional form of Lian Huan Quan. Apart from the form, the course includes five wisdom videos from Shifu Shi Yanjun.

26 Assignments to help you learn and perform the form to a high level. Workbook included.

You will receive formal Certification* (*Certification section). 

Our instructors include Shifu Shi Yanjun, Shifu Shi Yanpeng, and disciples Shi Yanbo (Dr. Rhea Du) and Shi Hengyi (Lukasz Duszak)

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How do i learn?

The topics of study are organized in Modules containing videos covering specific knowledge.
Grit, Action, Support!

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what you will receive

detailed curriculum

Lian Huan Quan’s (连环拳) routine translates as Chain Fist Boxing and is a linear movement pattern. The purpose of practicing this routine is to be able to strike fast in alternative and coordinated movements. The routine requires coordinating the movements with the reverse abdominal breathing to develop the Qi in the Dantian. The Qi, strength, speed, and techniques combined have as an outcome a powerful fighting routine.

Lian Huan Quan Routine Demo

Lian Huan Quan Routine Demo (slow & regular practice)

Lian Huan Quan Routine Explanation

1. Ready Position

2. Starting Movement


3. Block Left and Strike the Heart



4. Front Kick and Rush a Fist


5. Rush a Fist in a Ma Bu Stance



6. Strike the Hands with a Stamping Foot


7. Defend the Head and Rush a Fist in a Ma Bu Stance



8. Push the Right Palm in a Gong Bu Stance


9. Push the Left Palm in a Gong Bu Stance


10. Hook Hand with a Pu Bu Stance


11. Push a Palm with a Hook Hand at the Back in a Gong Bu Stance


12. Crossly Clap the Foot


13. Fend and Push Palms in a Gong Bu Stance


14. Stand in a Rooster Stance



15. Step Forward and Look for Flower


16. Open Two Doors


17. Rush Both Fists in a Gong Bu Stance


18. Clap the Hands and the Foot


19. Butt and Elbow in a Gong Bu Stance


20. Turn the Body and Jab the Palm Downward


21. Fend and Rush Fists in a Xu Bu Stance


22. The Finish Movement



Lian Huan Quan Routine Combat Applications

Lian Huan Quan Routine breathing explanation

What's next: Shaolin quan, 1st duanwei routine (professional duanwei certification)

bonus: shaolin quan, 1 duanwei routine demo (slow & regular movement)

shaolin quan, 1 duanwei routine movements explanation

shaolin quan, 1 duanwei routine breathing

shaolin quan, 1 duanwei routine Demo duilian (two people practice)

shaolin quan, 1 duanwei routine combat applications

Lian Huan Quan Personalized feedback from Shifu Shi Yanjun

outstanding certifications

*On completing the course successfully, you can receive formal certification.

All the certificates are digital versions that you can print at home. 

certificate of completion

This certification does not asses the level achieved. It only states that you study this form and completed. You are not certified to teach this form. This certification is suitable for beginners.

When you complete the course you will receive a formal Certificate of Completion from the International Shaolin Wushu Federation.  This certification is worldwide recognized as an expert body in Martial Arts. This certification is included in the course fee

*The certifications will not be issued earlier than two weeks from the time of purchase. When the course is completed the student must mark the course completed.

certificate of achievement

This certification formally asses your level achieved and is issued only if your grade is above 8 points. This certification is suitable for experienced martial artists. Upon successfully completing the course you will be able to teach this form.

When you complete the course you can achieve a formal Certificate of Achievement from the Shaolin Temple Yunnan and International Shaolin Wushu Federation.  To receive this certification you are required to submit a video sample of the routine at a high standard.

Activate Access to the lian huan quan taolu (routine) online course

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Lian Huan Quan Workbook

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How will this workbook help you?

The workbook covers all the Lian Huan Quan routine steps towards left and right, including photos of the movements, fighting application, and breathing in 75 pages. The information is presented into bite-size pieces for better understanding. In addition, the workbook includes seventeen assignments on how to practice the routine at home for perfect execution.

What are the advantages of using a workbook?

You can work independently.
Workbooks provide a solid education.
They can fill in educational gaps.
They are some people’s preferred methods of learning.
They are an excellent resource for teaching others.
It can be taken everywhere to accompany the practice session.


We get asked these a lot

This class is ideal for everyone.  From complete beginner to advanced practitioner, for the person who if performs well the routine can achieve certification to be able to teach it; for the person that has failed to get up from a comfortable couch over and over because it is old, fat, uncoordinated and embarrassed to exercise.  For the person who cannot find the motivation to work alone or the person who gets bored quickly because exercise is not fun and the entrepreneur that’s burning the candle at both ends. The corporate executive who lives from the hotel room into a hotel room. The friend that can never commit to going out because it is tired at the end of the day. The guy that always buys something with the thought will do the trick, canceling, and post pointing. The mom or dad finds excuses for not finding the time in a busy schedule as a full-time parent. So, let’s FIND THE TIME! Human adults need to live a free life where they have control over the only thing which belongs to them: own body.

Well, this class is not suitable for the person who is looking to learn advanced Kung Fu in 2 weeks and get certified as a teacher. The friend who has its mind about what is best as exercise, the one that is looking for fighting. For this type of class, you can join our other courses. If you subscribed to our Shaolin Path or Bundle Membership you should not buy this course. 

Yep. We think the best contract is no contract. You can cancel your course at any time. However, cancellation does not mean a refund. 

Are you ready to learn traditional shaolin forms the shaolin way?

*Online Courses are non-refundable & non-transferable.